Bitcoin mining is a rather recent business, but it has been growing steadily in the past few years. It slowly became a newfound hobby for some people to find more efficient ways to mine their coins and enhance their cryptocurrency rigs.

In reality, cryptomining requires a lot of electricity if you want to make a real profit. It's rather common that people find out that they're spending more money in electricity bills than the revenue they're making through mining. People have come up with various creative ideas to produce the energy required to mine those cryptocoins, such as burning tires or by harvesting their own body heat.

Yuri Murakami is a computer modding youtuber who came up with the very dank idea of using a $40 mylar tent, primarily designed for growing weed, to use as a cooling system for his cryptocurrency mining rig. The method is quite simple, after ordering the marijuana growing tent online, he stuffed his mining rig inside and used a system of ducts to bring in cool air and push out hot air, effectively helping him enhance his rig without risking any shutdown caused by his rig heating up.

"This room used to get to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit (~30°C) with no mining rig. There's no AC in this room. With this new cooling solution, I increased the number of GPUs from six 1080 twelve 1080 Tis and the room temperature has decreased significantly. This cooling solution works very well. I highly recommend it."

Although the system may seem pretty cheap and easy to setup, the infrastructure gets pretty loud, so use only if you're okay with spending your time turning headaches into monetary profit.

via Motherboard