This one's for the nostalgia junkies amongst you all. The pkgj utility, a homebrew that allows users to download and install PKG files to their PSVita consoles, has been updated with support for PS1 games for the first time.

The utility, developed by homebrew developer Blastrock, is a fork of an existing utility - pkji. What the fork originally enabled was the installation of downloadable content (DLC) PKG files - and now, PS1 game support gives yet another reason to snag this utility. Differences aside from the aforementioned one include the ability to queue multiple downloads, support for the TSV file format and the ability to install game updates; a valuable addition to facilitating gamer convenience.

Other merits of the homebrew include the local standalone nature of it; you don't need a PC to get going. Coupled with automatic download and unpack functionality and automatic resumptions of interrupted downloads while in use make the utility very appealing for your average multitasking Vita enthusiast. However, it lacks support for PSM and background downloads - so don't expect to shuffle between games and apps and expect for your PKG to be there, ready and waiting.

There's no full list of games currently available, but in theory, any available ported PKG file should work on your jailbroken PSVita. Whether you're a Resident Evil fanatic or you're itching to get back into Final Fantasy VII, you'll most certainly have something to poke at amongst the vast collection of available titles.

You can download the homebrew from the GitHub link below:

What do you guys think? Will you be installing this on your PSVita and loading up Silent Hill? Let us know in the comments, or post over on our forums.

via Wololo