Xerub has tweeted that he pushed the "Cydia" branch of his work to the extra_recipe repository. He has also hinted that there are other fixes coming soon for the jailbreak. We will update you with any news pertaining to the jailbreak. Stay tuned.

Original story:

As we reported just over a day ago, YaluX + extra_recipe was released, seems to be the "light at the end of the tunnel" for iPhone 7 users on 10.1.1. However, today Luca Todesco, the person behind the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10, tweeted the following:

"Just pushed extra_recipe+yaluX beta3 with experimental (read: untested) substrate support."

A couple of updates later, the wait is finally over. Beta 2 of YaluX + extra_recipe fixed the previous remounting issue that was present in Beta 1 of the jailbreak, and this latest beta now brings with it substrate support allowing users to run tweaks and iOS themes on their iPhone 7. Unlike mach_portal, Luca claims with the help of a previously unknown security researcher known as xerub, the jailbreak is finally stable. However, a word of warning, this is a beta release, so bear in mind there could still be potential stability issues.

If you feel like downloading the newly released jailbreak, you can download it from this link which will bring you to Luca Todesco's website.