Yalu Dark by GeoSn0w, otherwise known as FCE365, has received a major update. As you may know, Yalu Dark is an alternative to the traditional Yalu application. The advantages of this app are the more appealing user interface, the counter function which alerts users on the 6th day since install to re-sign the application.

In addition to these features, the update now brings with it a Cydia Substrate toggle, which now allows you to enable and disable Substrate on the fly, which is useful if a tweak misbehaves, and an updated UI, featuring the settings panel as I mentioned above. The app is available from GeoSn0w's Github repository, and is also based on the same jailbreak code as the original Yalu project, so there shouldn't be any cause for concern over anything bad happening to your device. Overall, the app makes the jailbreaking process more aesthetically pleasing and functional compared to the original app. It is also open source like the original project under the same license (WTFPL), so users can modify it as they wish. If this app sounds like something you might find useful, you can download it below from GitHub.