Since the release of Xposed v88, which introduced support for Android Nougat, Xposed framework has been recieving frequent updates with bug fixes and additional support for tweaks – a great sign for Android enthusiasts. And today, it's snagged yet another one, which brings better support for MIUI, and more.

MIUI has historically not played well with Xposed, due to the nature of the UX and how many of its features are embedded deep within the Android system. With the update to version 88.2, Xposed is aiming to rectify this and boost compatability with Xiaomi MIUI devices.
Aside from that, this revision should fix bootloop issues with some Samsung devices (notably the Samsung Galaxy Note 8) and some OnePlus devices that would crash when at 100% battery capacity.

Additionally, the update introduces the ability to detect outdated (and therefore incompatible) versions of the Xposed installer, in an effort to rectify issues involving outdated versions of Xposed, which are much more common than you'd think. These fixes are also available on Android Lollipop and Android Nougat versions of Xposed.

Ever since Xposed was updated with Android Nougat support, it has already snagged 2 updates, as well as igniting an outpour of developer support, with developers of tweaks such as GravityBox and Amplify updating their devices with Android Nougat support. This is extremely reassuring for the Android enthusiast community, and we're looking forward to seeing this trend of frequent updates from rovo89, the lead developer of Xposed, and the Xposed tweak development community, continue. You can find out more and download the updates here.

What do you guys think? Will you give Xposed a shot on your Xiaomi device now? Let us know in the comments, or post over on the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA