We recently covered a pretty huge update to the Xposed Framework that launched a few days ago that brought support for Android 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat at long last. And it appears that the developers definitely haven't been resting upon their laurels as only a short while onward, we have another update rolling out for Xposed.

This update is primarily one meant to address and patch a series of bugs that have manifested themselves within the first few days of release. For one, developer rovo89 has claimed that this update improves support for Samsung devices and brings a series of stability enhancements for Samsung users. In addition to that, the patches included in the update may help to improve general stability of Xposed on a day-to-day basis across all devices, as well as fixing the issue of bootloops that many users were reporting. Furthermore, there is a chance that this update finally adds MIUI compatability; however this is yet to be tested further.

There have been a surprising number of issues within Xposed caused by the lack of optimisation and support for Android Nougat. An example of this is battery saving module Amplify, which had many bugs within Xposed v88 that prevented it from functioning correctly. However, these problems have to be fixed by individual module developers as opposed to by Xposed themselves, as changes on an OS level can only go so far.

Users are being advised to report framework-level issues via filing a full bug report on GitHub, as opposed to just leaving comments on forums. While this may be lengthier for the end user, it's worth keeping in mind that allowing developers to easily find resources and bugs is what allows for swift development of our favourite tweaks and tools. You can update Xposed here

What do you guys think? Are you happy to see Xposed remaining in active development and recieving frequent updates? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA