Google has released Android P's developer preview, allowing users and developers to get a first glimpse of what Android P will bring.

The firm will be bringing some sanity to the notch insanity by adding support for notches into the Android SDK, allowing the operating system to account for the presence of screen cutouts.

The firm will also add new security tools, blocking apps which make use of the camera or microphone from working unless they are in active use or authorised by the user deliberately.

Google has also added a new interface design change to Android, which appears to be a preview of what it plans to offer with Material Design 2, spotted earlier this year.

While the security and other low-level changes to Android P are hard to replicate, some users want access to the minor UI changes of P, albeit without the bugginess of an early developer preview.

An XDA Developers member has created a Xposed module which allows users to gain access to the fun bits of Android Oreo but leaving the unpleasant and messy bits behind. This new Xposed Module is called Android P-ify, and it brings support for some Android P features to Android Oreo devices. Users will gain access to the quick settings menu, a clock which is now forced to the left side of the status bar, a dark theme when using sark players, coloured icons in settings and new app transitions.

This Xposed module only works with Android 8.1 devices at this point, but the developer is working on bringing it to Android 8.0 Oreo devices. As of now, it remains an Alpha project, and support for Android ROMs like MIUI and the Samsung Experience remains uncertain. You can learn more and download the module at the source link below.

Via XDA Developers