Remember Windows 95? At the time, the OS was a pretty huge step forward for Windows as a software platform; merging MS-DOS with Windows, introducing support for the 32-bit architecture, introducing key Windows GUI features that we know and love today such as the start menu, the taskbar, Windows Explorer and much more.

However, what wasn't as noteworthy but somehow ended up being particularly memorable was Windows 95's iconic screensaver. The screensaver of a simple rat navigating its way around a never-ending maze is ingrained into many of our memories and remains an iconic part of Windows history. Everyone who was around at the time can remember wasting at least an afternoon or two just watching it go.

And now you can do it again. But better. The maze is back, but in a new form; this time as a pseudo-easter egg game called Screensaver Subterfuge. If watching AI-controlled rat mindlessly pursue the smiley face at the end of the labyrinth was enough to distract your minuscule brain, prepare to have your mind blown;

Now you get to become the rat.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While Screensaver Subterfuge is far from an AAA gaming experience (it ends up being little more than a maze game with bad voiceovers and choppy graphics), it makes up for it in pure nostalgic value. Who cares if it's smooth or runs at 60FPS – you get to play the role of the rat you've been having nightmares about for the last 22 years!

Authenticity was the main goal when developing this game, according to developer Cahoots Malone. In order to really get the authentic Windows 95 atmosphere, attention to detail was paid; textures for the bricks, carpet, and stones are the same standard Microsoft bitmaps found in the original screensaver, according to the game's readme file. Tile patterns for the game's menu screens were excavated from old system files. You get the point; this is the real deal or as real as you can realistically expect it to get. Now go on, mash the download button. I know you want to, really.

You can grab it from here for Windows, macOS or Linux if you're inclined to waste an afternoon clicking around a maze from your childhood.

via Motherboard