The dark web, also known as the deep web or darknet, is a part of the internet with no rules and ruled by chaos. However, the infrastructure the dark web uses can be used for good. The Tor Network, more commonly referred to as simply "Tor", is a very secure system used to connect to websites which support it. Its strongest point is the very low probability of getting detected and tracked by the government, which could be a literal life-saver in some countries.

As opposed to Europe and North America, a lot of regions in the world do not have access to Wikipedia due to government censorship, with a perfect example being Turkey where Wikipedia is blocked.

This is where Tor steps in, as can't be blocked by ISPs or the government. Former Facebook engineer, Alec Muffett has stepped in on the matter by offering a dark web version of Wikipedia so people in oppressed countries can access information which is not infested with propaganda and lies.

Muffet described in an email to Motherboard:

"Onion sites are considered to be about 'anonymity', but really they offer two more features: Discretion (e.g.: your employer or ISP cannot see what you are browsing, not even what site) and trust (if you access facebookcorewwwi.onion you are definitely connected to Facebook, because of the nature of Onion addressing),"

The problem with the project is that it's unofficial, meaning that full compatibility can be hard to achieve. The service currently has certificate issues forcing users to manually whitelist it, which can be a little bothersome.

"I'd be delighted if Wikimedia use this, or even roll their own solution; the important thing from my perspective is to demonstrate the concept, and my open-source EOTK tool makes it nearly free to provide such a proof of concept."

Another issue with Darkpedia is that it's read-only. Wikimedia has blocked all editing on the site via Tor in order to deal with internet trolls which happen to love the Tor network for its unrivalled anonymity.

You can access Darkpedia by following the link below, but do note that you'll need the official Tor Browser in order to even load the link.*

Image custody: Ulleo, via Motherboard