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10 Years of ModMyi: What's past & what's next

ModMyi is celebrating 10 years, which we are celebrating with a completely revamped site, forums and much, much more.
Dennis D. Bednarz

ModMyi is celebrating 10 years, just like iOS jailbreaking itself. This is a huge milestone for not only ModMyi but for everyone who ever contributed to this community. Every developer, jailbreaker, user, blogger YouTuber and moderator out there.

The Announcement

ModMyi, as you know it, is gone forever and it ain't coming back. But that's not a negative thing by any means. Quite the opposite.

ModMyi has evolved and stepped into many more communities other than jailbreaking – like console hacking, Android rooting, hackintoshing, Smart TV hacking and much more. We want to make ModMyi a new home for everything related to unlocking devices and unleashing their true power, not just iOS devices. This doesn't mean that jailbreaking has been thrown out of the window. It's still a huge part of ModMyi and it hasn't become smaller. It's ModMyi that has grown enough to make room for other communities.

The rebrand

As ModMyi is no longer all about Apple and is brand agnostic, the "i" in ModMyi makes no sense anymore, therefore we are honoured to announce that from this day forward, ModMyi is known as ModMy.

If some of you have been lurking around our social media, you might have already noticed this change beforehand. If you did and managed to figure out what exciting things we were up to, give yourself a pat on the back. You've deserved it.

The new direction is a huge step for ModMy, and will surely help us all, from different minor communities rise from the ashes as one big super giant – showing the world that enthusiasts, hackers, modders, developers and geeks still are relevant and we want attention! A lot of communities, once huge and mighty, have fallen to be just a shadow of its once self, like Wololo, OSx86, ModMyMobile and even ModMyi itself. Focusing on one enthusiast area won't get anyone anywhere. A lot of jailbreak dedicated websites have turned towards Apple in general, which is totally understandable, but we wanted to create something unique which will unite us all as one.

We at ModMy believe that the device you buy is yours. You should be allowed to do whatever you like with it. Everything from hacking it, changing the theme, installing possibly illegal apps, and pushing it to it's true limits! You paid for it and you own it. We strongly advise not to do uncareful things with your devices, like installing malicious software, but if that's what you want to do, then go ahead. There is so much you can do with unlocked electronics. Want to run a full-fledged OS like Ubuntu on your device? Sure thing. Overclock it and get more bang for your buck? No biggie. Get that sweet tasty dark theme? Go ahead. No company ever should tell you what to do with your device. Does IKEA tell you that you can't paint your table you just bought? We think not.

The website

As you might have noticed, we have a completely new website and forums. The website is developed by the tech team at Mobile Nations (MoNa), the company that acquired ModMy back in September of 2016. This website is still very fresh so bugs and issues can occur. If you encounter any bugs, please report them to [email protected].

Aside from that, there is not much more to say about the website. Go ahead and explore it yourself. It's definitely the biggest change to ModMyi since its release, and the whole backend has been entirely rewritten in order to let us deliver you way more content than before. This is a significant part, yet not the definite one, of project Supernova – but more on that below. If you're fearing that the old content has been removed from the website, worry not: the forums and articles are just where they were before the rebrand. They can all be found on the homepage and the forums respectively.

A brief history

ModMyiPhone was founded in June of 2007, not in 2008, contrary to popular belief. Owned by the newly created company called ModMyLLC, it evolved to be the biggest Cydia repository and the biggest iOS jailbreaking community in the world. It rebranded to ModMyiFone (for some reason) then to simply ModMyi shortly after in 2008.

ModMyLLC was founded by Cody Overcash & Kyle Matthews, later to be acquired by Mobile Nations.

The company was founded by Cody Overcash and Kyle Matthews, with Tyler Matthews managing a big part of the repository, and had many more aspects of it that most people today, unfortunately, don't remember. ModMyMobile.com was a thing until September of 2016, while platforms like ModMyAuto, ModMedical, ModMyFiles and others were killed off earlier on. The growth of ModMyi was the biggest back in 2012 when jailbreaking really took off in the mainstream pop culture, however, since Apple started coming up with methods to prevent jailbreaking, the jailbreak scene, together with ModMyi, faded.

This doesn't mean it's the end of jailbreaking or ModMyi. ModMyi was slowly fading to obscurity from years 2013 to 2016 until Mobile Nations Networks acquired the website in September of 2016, and gave it a new life by May of 2017.

When the acquisition happened, I did not work for Mobile Nations, in fact, I worked for WinBeta which is now known as On MSFT nowadays. I started writing for Windows Central, a Mobile Nations brand, around January of 2017, when our discussions and decisions from December of 2016 settled in and I continued working with Microsoft-related articles at Windows Central. However, this became less relevant to me on the 1st of May 2017, which is an extremely important day for me and the team. It marks the birth of the new ModMyi – continuing the work of Kyle Matthews and the rest of the ModMyLLC team. I officially left the Windows Central team on 6th of June, 2017 and started focusing on being the director of ModMy full-time.

Project Supernova

Soon after I got the director position at ModMyi, I started the Project Supernova (which is a very obscure name, not even internal employees know of). The project aims at making "ModMyi explode" in the modding community, thereby the name. The first step was obviously the rebrand of ModMyi to ModMy. The second step is assembling a team from the greatest of the greatest people in order to build the amazing experience at ModMy.

It's the ModMyTeam which has gone through way too many uphills in order to deliver you great content, a great community to exist in and who have helped create the new era of ModMy known as project Supernova.

Project Supernova is basically a short term for the new ModMyExperience. It's everything you see since May of 2017.

So what is project Supernova? Project Supernova is basically a short term for the new ModMyExperience. It's everything you see since the 1st of May, 2017, the day the new ModMyManagement was installed. The new website is a part of it, the YouTube Channel, the new social media presence (Instagram for example), the forums, the partnerships... It's hard to name it all in one article, even though this one is so long. What we cannot tell you about project Supernova is what's coming. But you'll get notified about its updates as they come. Supernova is far from finished, and it's doubtful if it will ever be.

Time for some serious talk

Kyle Matthews gladly left ModMyi when Mobile Nations acquired it. But that wasn't because he didn't like it or that he grew tired of it. Something happened in his life that forced him to focus on way more important things than technology, believe it or not. Kyle and Robyn Matthews lost their child, Ezra, to neuroblastoma cancer. This is a horrible thing to everyone involved and there are simply no words to describe this, so I won't even attempt.

Ezra Matthews, the daugher of Kyle and Robyn Matthews

After the tragic death of Ezra, Kyle and Robyn Matthews founded the organisation "Because of Ezra" which fought to help children with neuroblastoma cancer. In June of 2016, Because of Ezra merged with the "Beat Nb" organisation who had similar goals and together they are continuing to fight for the lives of children We strongly suggest at least reading and possibly sharing about Beat Nb in order to raise awareness of the horrible fate that some parents and children had to, and will have to, live through.

A thank you

Thank you to each and every single one of you. Yes, you. ModMy would be nothing without its loyal user base, forum users, readers and more. You guys are awesome. I also want to thank these special people, as they are a fundamental part of what's to come for ModMy:

  • Marcus Adolfsson, the CEO of MoNa.
  • CrackBerry Kevin, doesn't need an introduction.
  • David Lundblad, the Design Director at MoNa.
  • Jose Negron, the Lead Designer at MoNa.
  • Tom Kaminski, the Director of Development at MoNa.
  • Optimo, the owner of the BigBoss Cydia Repository.
  • Kyle Matthews, a Co-Founder of ModMyLLC.
  • Cody Overcash, also a Co-Founder of ModMyLLC.
  • Tyler Matthews, brother of Kyle and former repo manager of ModMyi.
  • Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia and a supporter of ModMyi.
  • James Falconer, Community Manager at MoNa.
  • Chris Parsons, Editor-in-Chief at CrackBerry.
  • Bo Troxell, ModMy Forum Manager

And everyone at Mobile Nations. ModMy would probably no longer exist if it wasn't for Mobile Nations, and even if it did, it would be continuing its trip on life support.

Thank you for all these years and welcome to a new era of modding. Let's tear down the walls together.

Dennis D. Bednarz

Dennis D. Bednarz

Dennis D. Bednarz is the Editor-in-Chief at ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and has moved to technology hacking after the death of Windows 10 Mobile. He swears often and drinks tea like a mad lad. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz.