It's a sad day indeed. We, unfortunately, have to announce that the ModMyi Cydia Repository has been archived and won't be taking any new packages.

After ModMy, Mobile Nations (ModMy's parent company) and SaurikIT finished our discussions, there was a clear but sad result to the issue of Cydia and repositories. ModMyi was not plausible to keep going as server costs were insane and the money the repository generated was way below the required amount to keep the repository, not with an economic gain, but to even keep it non-profit.

So we are very sad to say that after 10 wonderful years with the community, the ModMyi repository ownership has transferred over to SaurikIT where the repository was archived.

But what does this mean?

Downloading packages

You will still be able to access all your packages which you have previously purchased or downloaded and even those which you haven't. The repository has been frozen in time, which means that everything will work the way it used to with the exception that uploading new packages will not be possible anymore.

Uploading packages

As stated above, uploading packages will no longer be possible. Developers won't be able to access the Developer Centre anymore. We advise uploading to BigBoss, which is the second big default Cydia repository.

The future of has just begun and it's separated from the repository. We will continue to deliver the technology enthusiast news you expect from us, and even more so, as we are actually in the process of hiring more people to cover more areas. If you think you have what it takes, why not let us know?

Some explanation

While it's true that I promised that we will keep the repository alive, the costs of running the repository have been higher than estimated and it kept growing. Not all promises can be kept and I won't try to blur your vision and try to excuse myself. I have failed you and I am terribly sorry for doing so. I tried my best, but it wasn't enough.

We only hope that this won't result in us losing your trust.

Thank you for all these wonderful years as a default Cydia repository. Those years won't be forgotten.