Chromecast has been a very popular product since it's launch, in July 2013. The updated model, "Chromecast Ultra" was released just two years ago with support for 4K streaming. Now we are finally seeing VLC media player investigate Chromecast support by enabling experimental streaming in the latest beta release, v2.9.

Using the feature is actually very straightforward. Just like other apps that support Chromcast streaming, a little cast icon is at the top of the screen which you can tap to stream your favorite TV Shows, movies, music, or other media that you have stored to the Chromecast device of your choosing.

If you use VLC and have an Android device with Google Play, you can visit the community here and join for free: VLC Beta Testing. You can also post feedback, and discuss the builds with other community members who continually help refine the apps before they reach the masses.

The recent 2.9.1 changelog was posted by a VLC moderator:

  • Improve Chromecast playback
  • Fix fast-seek on MKV files
  • Send media metadata to Chromecast
  • Re-enable application backup
  • Save selected audio tab
  • Misc. fixes

The moderator also notes that "There is still some difficulty to detect chromecasts when app is back from background, swipe VLC from recent apps should help.", which addresses a temporary workaround for those with issues while they prepare for a software fix.

What do you think? Are you one of many who have been waiting for years to get Chromecast support for VLC? Let us know in the comments below!

via AndroidPolice