The homebrew application, which is one of the most popular homebrews available on the PS Vita at the moment, has been updated to version 1.76, after hitting 1.75 early last month. The update introduces a series of bug fixes and additional feature development and implementation.

The update brings:

  • A fix for the 'C2-12828-1' error, which many users have experienced during operations such as copying, deleting and moving files accorrding to Wololo. The cause of this seems to be a malloc problem with File I/O, which you can read more about here

  • The introduction of a license database refresh feature.

  • The ability to launch a DLC refresh and restore license from a Sqlite DB database.

These features, added by developer VitaSmith, are aimed at making it easier to restore and/or reinstall legally owned content from Sony's own PKG files. VitaSmith's DLC feature also makes it easier to install DLC from ux0:/addcont, a feature many users will undoubtedly benefit from.

For those of you who are unaware, VitaShell is a utility that enables a host of functionality on your PS Vita; from basic file management to installing VPKs via QR codes and all the way to hosting an FTP server. It's probably the most popular homebrew currently out there, and if you haven't already used it, you are missing out. You should be receiving this update OTA, but if you aren't or you're preparing a fresh install, you can grab it from the link below:

What do you guys think? Have you been affected by any of these issues? Are you happy to see a new version of VitaShell to help rectify them? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.