After the release of VitaQuake 2.9—a port of the original Quake which featured 3D hardware acceleration all thanks to VitaGL, the OpenGL wrapper for PSVita—Rinnegatamante is back again with 3D hardware acceleration for his port of Quake II's engine on the console.

Quake II is a first-person shooter game that released in 1997 following Quake's release the year before. The game has had a huge success among players on its release. Although it was not a direct sequel to the original Quake, id Software decided that the game's gameplay was closer to Quake than that of a hypothetical new franchise, therefore giving it the name Quake II. The Quake II engine improved a lot from the first Quake engine, allowing for the game to render skyboxes and coloured lighting effects.

The updated 1.5 version of VitaQuake II features a lot of improvements, such as:

  • 3D hardware acceleration thanks to vitaGL, allowing the game to render at the PSVita native resolution of 960x544 while still being playable at a smooth 60FPS most of the time
  • An FPS counter is now displayed in the top right corner
  • Thanks to the work of rsn8887 and Shroom King, the right analogue stick is more sensitive and precise
  • The game now has an option to activate or deactivate the render of shadows

VitaQuake II was originally created by Rinnegatamante last year and had the following features:

  • Full sound and music support
  • Support for the full and shareware versions of the game
  • Multiplayer support
  • Many other features including DualShock rumbling for DS3/4 users.

The port's only flaw, other than occasionally switching back to 30FPS in some levels, is that some cinematic cutscenes simply break. Rinnegatamante is reportedly working on fixing this problem.

via Wololo