A new update for VitaQuake, a port of the famous FPS Quake for the PS Vita, has been released all thanks to its developer, Rinnegatamante. The new 2.9 update includes a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

VitaQuake, as the name implies, is a port of the first-person shooter game Quake, which originally came out in 1996, developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive. Quake is one of the first FPS to feature an accelerated gameplay, following the success of the Doom series by the same developers. Unlike the Doom engine, the Quake engine was the first to feature real-time 3D space rendering, using a system to pre-render 3D elements to reduce the complexity of the environment so it could run easily on those ol' timey computers.

VitaQuake features:

  • 3D hardware acceleration through the GPU, thanks to VitaGL -- an openGL wrapper for PSVITA created by VitaQuake's developer Rinnegatamante
  • Mod support
  • Runs at 60FPS with a native 960x544 resolution
  • Native IME for commands/text input
  • Sound support
  • Analogs support for camera and movement
  • Savestates support
  • Multiplayer support for both online and locale lobbies

Here are the features and fixes added to the 2.9 update:

  • Optimised code brings better performance and less RAM usage
  • Gyroscope support so that you can control the game by moving your console around
  • Added an option to make the HUD transparent
  • Improvements to the game engine such as fixes to drawing shadow
  • Bug fixes. Lots of 'em.

To install this homebrew, take your PSVita/PSTV and log on VHBB and install it from there. VHBB will also install all the shareware data files so you don't have to copy or install anything else. If you have the full data files, you can directly copy them to ux0:/data/Quake.

Have fun gaming!

via Wololo