There is a video on YouTube that has amassed almost 5 million views for playing the Super Mario theme using 4 calculators, but that is not all. The YouTube channel by the name of It's a small world has many videos similar to the one playing the Super Mario theme and they are all fairly popular getting millions of views each.

You can watch the video of the Super Mario theme song being played on calculators below:

This YouTube channel is different from everything else you normally find on YouTube. In most cases you will stumble upon a video that has a clickbait title, it's only purpose is making money by gaining views. Sometimes these videos can be interesting or they can be terrible, but it does not matter to the creator as they are only looking to make money. So, seeing a channel that's only purpose is to share cool things such as music being played using calculators, makes me feel a little refreshed and regain a little hope in the human race as a whole.

Although the channel does have more videos with the same concept of playing music using calculators, the Super Mario theme video seems to be the only one that they were able to use four calculators for.

Similar to the YouTube channel, It's a small world seems to have a similar presence on Twitter as they do on YouTube. There are no political statements or anything that would create conflict instead the tweets are mostly just a single emoji. You can see an example of a couple below.

Seeing the content posted by It's a small world on both YouTube and Twitter allowed for me to realize there is still some good left in the world and not all of the internet is trash.

via Motherboard