If you own any of the current Android smartphones on the market, chances are you have a fingerprint sensor. Most users with a fingerprint sensor usually enable it for its main feature, which is security and ease of unlocking your phone. But did you know that a lot of phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel and the Pixel 2 actually have an option within the settings that allow for the user to swipe down on the fingerprint sensor in order to pull down the notification tray?

You might be skeptical towards a feature that sounds sort of gimmicky, but if you have a tall phone such as the Galaxy S8 then you may know how hard it can be sometimes to reach up and pull the notification tray down. Being a user of an S8, I can personally tell you I rarely reach up to the top of my screen to pull down the notification tray anymore. My main method to accessing my notifications is by swiping down on the fingerprint sensor.

If accessing the notifications in this manner sounds appealing, but you have a phone that doesn't have the feature to enable swipe down for notifications or anything of that nature, don't fear because there is a solution for you as well.

Thanks to XDA Developers member Ankit Chowdhury, there is an app, Fingerprint Action Pro, you can download which will let you use the same swiping to trigger actions on your phone. Fingerprint Action Pro is available for all Android Oreo devices. Once downloaded you can setup the app to recognize swipes on your fingerprint sensor in many different directions which leads to 20 different options for what those swipes do.

Even if your phone allows you to pull down the notification drawer using your fingerprint sensor, you should still check out the app for your phone, because of all the customizability options it allows.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the app.

via XDA

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