Ever wanted a free Bitcoin? Now is your chance! A new game called "MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma" is being released on February 20th with a free Bitcoin promised to the first player who beats the game. At the time of this writing, one Bitcoin is worth over $11,000 USD. In the developer's words,

The first to solve all the enigmas and find the password will be able to access the Bitcoin that is hidden in Montecrypto.

The game launches February 20th in the following time zones (as listed on Steam): 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT. The game is in a maze setting with over 24 puzzles. There was some speculation that the software would mine bitcoins while running on your PC, but the developers have stated that this is not the case; nothing about this game is associated with bitcoin mining.

You can also visit the official MonteCrypto website for more information. They list a Bitcoin wallet address with 1 bitcoin as some form of "verification" that it is indeed ready for the taking. If a player beats the game, they will be able to decrypt the "wallet.dat" file that is included with the game, which contains the private key needed to unlock the wallet (and transfer it to your own private wallet).

Download the game

Get the game here or just keep an eye on that page to see when the game officially releases to the public. You will need a steam account to download, so be sure to register if you haven't already.

What do you think? Are you going to give the game a shot? Let us know in the comments below!

via Motherboard