If you're an Android enthusiast or even just a tech enthusiast, you might be happy to hear that the enthusiast community reached a new milestone. Nova Launcher is a big part of the Android customisation community and it's 50 million downloads are a big thing for all of us because it shows that we are not minor nobodies who can be ignored.

Nova Launcher was reported to pass this mark earlier this month and it's hard to determine when exactly because of Google's unprecise download counter. The counter now says "between 50-100 million downloads" which we can assume is much closer to 50 million because of the recent change.

The most interesting part is that Nova Launcher Prime is also doing decently well for a paid launcher. It's one of the most popular paid launchers on the Play Store, and for a good reason so, as Nova Launcher is undoubtedly one of the best Android Launchers you can currently get.

Nova Launcher has always been super quick to implement changes Google has been doing to their stock launcher and they also managed to make many of these changes better by giving the user a choice of how they want their launcher too look like, behave like and feel like. If you want to customise your Android to the fullest, Nova Launcher is the way to go.

We'd like to congratulate the TeslaColi Software team on this milestone, and we hope to see the next milestone reached soon.