Suru theme in GNOME

Based on Canonical-designed Ubuntu Phone icon theme of the same name, the new Suru icons are designed with the same style and guidelines in mind. Instead of being developed by Canonical, however, the new icon theme is a community project is being led by Sam Hewitt, whose work you might be familiar with if you ever used the Paper theme or the Moka icon set.

Suru icons

As Hewitt wrote in the theme repository description, the new Suru theme has already repurposed most of the available icons from its Canonical days, along with adding many new icons:

Many of the original generic app icons and symbolic icons have been repurposed, however this icon set has extensive additions such as icons for additional apps, as well as icons for folders, devices, file types, application categories, and other system toolbar and status icons.

So while the theme is still in development, and is not yet available in latest Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver builds, it is already quite functional, and will most likely make its way to the Linux distribution shortly.

One thing that this icon theme will not support, however, is icons for third-party apps such as Google Chrome. The reason given for that decision is that it is quite painful for developers to stay ahead of app updates, and there are also various legal issues involved with shipping copyrighted icons.

This icon theme is still relatively new, and therefore does not have any packaged releases. You can, however, download and install the theme from the official repository:

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via OMG! Ubuntu