TWRP, the leading custom recovery for Android phones, is often considered a staple for Android rooting and the flashing of custom ROMs. The speed at which TWRP builds become available for a device are something of a mteric for developer enthusiasm for the device – if the phone has any sort of developer or enthusiast backing, TWRP will be ready for it within weeks, days even. And that metric has shown itself to be accurate yet again with the OnePlus 5T – a device with so much hype and developer enthusiasm behind it that an working unofficial build has been released before the launch of the phone itself.

Granted, this isn't without cause – OnePlus was first to the charge of publishing the device trees and kernel sources for the device on the day of the device's announcement (as we mentioned in our first look at the phone), meaning they threw a huge container of petroleum into the flames of the developer community. The build is fully functional; you can wipe partitions, make backups, and flash zip files. Of course, there aren't any ROMs, kernels, or other modifications actually available for the phone yet, but it's nice to have this already available for those waiting to flash the phone as soon as they get their hands on it. Additionally, this should ensure that as soon as custom ROMs become available (which probably aren't far off), the device will be ready and waiting.

You can grab TWRP for the OnePlus 5T here.

What do you guys think? Does this mean you'll definitely grab a OnePlus 5T on launch? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post over on the forums with your thoughts.