It's no secret that the OnePlus 5T is something of an enthusiast favorite- in fact, OnePlus frequently comment and capitalize upon this with the inclusion of developer-tailored features and listening to their fans with regards to features such as the headphone jack. And one way they recently demonstrated this was by releasing the kernel sources for the device on the day of its announcement. enabling custom ROM and modification development from day 1. It worked; in fact, an unofficial TWRP build for the device was avaialble before the aunch of the phone itself. And now, not too long afterward, an official TWRP build is now available for the latest flagship killer.

This build comes coursey of XDA Recognized Developer simonsickle, XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy, and XDA Senior Recognized Developer bigbiff. THe build is currently finctioning as expected, meaning that flashing custom kernels and ROMs should be working fine at the moment. However, as of right now, restoring the data partition from backups will result in boot issues if File Based Encryption is enabled.

Do also bear in mind, though, if you plan on running OxygenOS with root access, that if you are flashing one of the OxygenOS OTAs, then TWRP is overwritten with the stock recovery unless you flash Magisk or TWRP again immediately afterwards.

Get TWRP for the OnePus 5T

What do you guys think? Will you grab this TWRP build for your new OnePlus 5T, or stick with the unofficial one released previously? Let us know in the comments, or post over on our forums with your thoughts.

via XDA

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