At the time when Moto Mods were first introduced, many people immediately wrote them off as a gimmick. Modularity seemed like a fading fad, with Project Ara being put on the backburner indefinitely by Google; and to add fuel to the flames, LG had already tried such a solution in the past with their flagship LG G5, and failed miserably. It seemed like Motorola themselves weren't even committed to Moto Mods, as we saw 2 upon release and no more afterward. It seemed like the hype and enthusiasm was all in vain.

However, Motorola has now demonstrated with their actions as opposed to their words that they're committed to the Moto Mod platform, releasing one of the 2 new Moto Mods allured to at MWC earlier this year. While we're still yet to hear more about the Polaroid camera mod, the Alexa speaker mod is going to be available to consumers very soon. This speaker mod, which includes Alexa integration, seems like a brilliantly integrated smart home solution that you can dock in and forget about.

The mod is fairly large and is clearly intended as a stationary device that you dock your phone into, as taking it around with you would not only be unwieldy but also get in the way of the camera. It makes little sense for this to be an accessory to take on the go, as the functionality of a smart speaker is best when integrated within a home environment or workspace environment. You don't see people carrying around Amazon Echo Dot's, do you?

This Moto Mod is not cheap, coming in at around $150, and will become available sometime in November. That does make it cheaper than the standard Amazon Echo; however, that is a standalone device and must be given credit as such. We have not tested out this speaker ourself, so we can't judge the audio quality and stack it up against the Amazon Echo. However, for Motorola Moto Mod device owners who want to experiment with smart home solutions, this may be a way in.

What do you guys think? Will you try this out? Do you think Moto Mods are any more than just a passing fad? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via Motorola

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