Tired of plugging your device in to get your ECID from iTunes, and saving the blobs to your computer? Well, thanks to Nullpixel and 1conan there is now an even easier way to save SHSH blobs.

What are SHSH blobs?

SHSH blobs are what is used to verify a device restore with Apple, intended for allowing users to upgrade to only the latest release of iOS available. However, they can also be used for downgrading your device with tools such as Prometheus, which try and trick Apple's servers into downgrading a device. One big drawback to such downgrades is that if you go from major iOS releases such as 10.3 to 10.2 it will cause a SEP mismatch, making the Touch ID sensor inoperable until the user restores to a new version of iOS. Just check to make sure there are no problems beforehand.

What nullpixel's TSSSaver allows you to do is save your blobs directly from and to the device, with one tap. Unlike its desktop counterpart, the app requires no additional fuss. Just download the app, it will automatically fetch the device information, then you tap "Save blobs," which then allows you to download them directly on the device. The app makes the process hassle-free and simple for everyone. It doesn't get much easier than this.

If you have any questions regarding the app, contact nullpixel through reddit or Twitter. The app can be downloaded from Nullpixel's private repository.