Translucency Infinity is a new jailbreak tweak which brings the famous iOS blur to many more parts of the system. According to the developer, EthanRDoesMC, the tweak "takes what you thought you knew about iOS and turns it all upside-down", whatever that means.

The tweak aims to bring a more modern look to iOS by utilising what most people have accepted as modern, and that is blur and translucency. After installing the tweak from Cydia and enabling your desired apps for the settings panel, you'll notice that the plain white backgrounds of iOS apps now show a blurred version of your wallpaper, giving them a modern and elegant look.

According to the description page, here are some apps confirmed to work well with the tweak:

"Settings, Reddit, Music, Discord, Filza, Twitter and so much more. "

App compatibility should be similar to "night mode" tweaks which theme applications with a darker UI. As it's impossible to implement a universal solution for every app on the App Store or Cydia, some apps will malfunction. Thankfully, you can disable them from settings.

The tweak is available for free, however, the developer does have a donation page which we strongly encourage to visit.

As the tweak is free, you can go straight to Cydia and download the tweak from the default BigBoss repository, or you can just follow the link below which will take you straight to the download page if visited from a jailbroken iOS device.