Android is nearing its 10-year anniversary and there's no doubt the OS has grown and evolved tremendously over the years. Despite all of the excellent features that have been implemented since its inception, Google's operating system still does not have a reliable cloud backup option.

Marshmallow introduced "Auto Backup," which would upload settings and data into a folder on a Google Drive account, but wasn't 100% reliable as some information would not restore.

Android enthusiasts have typically turned to Titanium Backup to generate copies of contacts, photos, apps and passwords. Titanium can also bridge your Android device folders with desktops and servers.

Yesterday, Titanium announced update v8.1.0 which brings new features and support including:

  • Official support for Android Oreo.

  • Fixed "Mark as installed from Play Store" when restoring apps on Android Nougat and above.

  • Major translation updates

  • [PRO] Added the ability to backup WPA/WPA2 protected Wi-Fi networks on Android Oreo.

Google hasn't released official Android distribution numbers for the month of November, but as of October, only 0.2% of all Android smartphones and tablets were running 8.0 Oreo. The number may seem miniscule on the surface, but with more than 2 billion active devices running Google's OS, there are over four million users running Oreo, which means Titanium Backup's most recent update can benefit a large number of people looking to secure their data in the cloud.

If you're interested in Titanium, you can check out the changelog and other information about the application by clicking here.

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