Frederico Cerva, a talented technician, and a YouTuber posted a video recently of him replacing the memory on the logic board of an iPhone 7 with a 512GB memory chip. It is a fairly impressive modification to an iPhone and one that works well.

This is not a simple modification and should be left to professionals. Anyone thinking about modifying or getting their phone modified should know that doing so will void their warranty.

You can watch the full video below:

Cerva begins the video by taking the modified iPhone into an Apple Store and asking the employee if they sold any iPhone 7's in a 512GB variant. Once the employee responded with no, Cerva continued by showing the employee the first 512GB iPhone 7.

Cerva then thanks, Union Repair and Qianli for providing him with the 512GB memory chip. He also thanks a Fernando in Mexico who helped him with programming the memory chip to be used in an iPhone.

The video then continues as Cerva begins taking apart the iPhone and eventually takes the logic board out of the iPhone. He then focuses on the part of the logic board which houses the memory chip and heats the section up and removes the existing memory chip. He is then seen heating and applying glue to both the socket and the new memory chip as he gets ready to install the new chip. Once the new chip is glued in place, he powers on the phone and shows the Settings where it shows the phone now has 512GB of storage.