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TinkerTool provides a graphical interface for changing many of these options that Apple already included in its operating system, from common settings that macOS should have allowed changing by default, to options that might not even be that useful for a typical user and were most likely included only because they were useful during development of the operating system.

For example, while you could already enable showing hidden files in Finder through a Terminal command, TinkerTool makes this as easy as clicking on a checkbox. Similarly, instead of searching for the correct commands to use when you want to change the file format or the destination folder for screenshots, you can instead just use the convenient graphical menu that TinkerTool provides. If you happen to be running macOS on an older computer, or even a virtual machine, this app might also be helpful because it lets you tweak the speed and type of various animations.

TinkerTool Finder pane screenshot

When you download and launch TinkerTool, you will find multiple sections in it with settings for various parts of macOS. Specifically, the sections include settings for Finder, Dock, Launchpad, general macOS tweaks, the desktop, various per-application tweaks, system fonts, Safari, and iTunes.

Some of TinkerTool's noteworthy tweaks include:

  • Showing or hiding system files in Finder
  • Showing the full path to a folder in the title bar in Finder
  • Disabling .DS_Store files on network folders
  • Disabling Dock animations
  • Restricting Dock size
  • Adding spacers to the Dock
  • Changing app minimization animations
  • Changing the screenshot file format and destination folder
  • Disabling Launchpad animations
  • Changing how many icons Launchpad shows
  • Enabling key repeat
  • Preventing macOS from closing inactive applications
  • Changing default zoom level in Safari
  • Enabling half-star ratings in iTunes
  • Changing font sizes for some native macOS applications

Some power users may find TinkerTool to be lacking in terms of customization features, since it is just an interface for features that Apple already includes in the operating system. And while that does mean that this app will not offer as much flexibility as some manual tweaks that involve procedures like messing around with system files, it also means that it is much less likely to cause some awful bug that will require reinstalling your operating system.

Since the tweaks are all applied on a per-user basis, even if something does somehow go horribly wrong, you will still be able to restore your computer back to normal with ease. In addition to that, TinkerTool is able to reset every single change that it makes with just one single button press.

All in all, TinkerTool is a good place to start making your Mac truly "yours", and it can be downloaded from the official website.

What do you think? Are there any tweaks you'd use this app for? Let us know in the comments below!