The Ticwatch 2 was created by Mobvoi, which was founded 6 years ago in 2012. The original Ticwatch 2 campaign raised over $2 million from nearly 10,000 backers on Kickstarter. It was created with a built-in Operating System, "Ticwear OS", but we're now seeing the horizons expanded. Even though the Ticwatch 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, some users see the Ticwatch OS as a drawback and would prefer native Android Wear running on the smartwatch.

Fortunately a member over at the XDA forums, EpicLPer, decided that the Ticwatch 2 needed Android Wear support. He worked with a developer on the side to make this project possible. As typical, should you decide to try his port out, it is advised that you backup the watch before proceeding further. On top of this, it is required to have a developer dock on the Ticwatch 2. The port is considered early alpha and is missing some relatively crucial features at this state (it currently lacks vibration and microphone use, among other things). All of that said it is bound to improve with time, and more users experimenting with the port will only re-enforce community support to push the project further.

A thread with all information can be found here created by the poster of the port, not the developer. He emphasizes the importance of generating backups beforehand, and that having a developer dock is absolutely mandatory to flash the Android Wear port.


Get the Android Wear port for Ticwatch 2

via XDA