It often seems like the Notes app is one of the most under used applications for the average user. There are a lot of reasons why this could be the case, but the lack of features is certainly one of the main ones. Apps like Evernote, Things, and even Microsoft's OneNote have all outpaced Apple in terms of features and the user's experience. Thumbtack, by developer Frozen Penguin, is a new tweak that adds sticky-like functionality to the Notes app. This one feature greatly improves the overall user experience.

There are no settings to configure after installing. It's dead simple to use, holding a note will pin it, and holding it again will unpin it. After you pin a note, a red thumbtack appears next to it. Pinned notes are global, meaning when you pin a note in a folder, it will remain pinned when you navigate to 'All iCloud'. You can have multiple pinned notes at once, making it really useful to keep the most important notes right at the top. This feature is almost so simple that it really should be stock.

With the small added ability to pin notes, the Notes app suddenly becomes a contender for one of the best note apps in the App Store. The simplicity, ease of use, and integration with iCould are all things that make the experience worth it in the first place. One thing that would be amazing, and almost certainly not possible is if this tweak could make the pinned note stay pinned across devices. Meaning, on your Mac, you'd see your pinned notes up top.

Unfortunately this isn't the case, nonetheless, it's still an amazing tweak that everyone should check out unless they absolutely can't stand the Notes app. However, this could be the thing that makes you use it. You never know until you try.