Hackerloop is a collective of experts in DIY creations. They recently uploaded a video on their YouTube channel featuring an awesome prosthetic Nerf gun they put together for their friend Nicolas Huchet.

Nicolas lost his arm to a work-related accident when he was only 18 years old. Ten years after the incident, he discovered 3D printing and started creating a high tech prosthesis to replace his arm. His story was featured in a TEDx Talk in Paris in 2016.

Hackerloop decided to give Nicolas a chance to win nerf fights with their new technology, it essentially involves 3D printing, a nerf gun (duh) and a muscle sensor system.

The first step was modifying an already existing Nerf gun with, well, 3D printing. For that, they used a Swarmfire Nerf blaster as its design was the easiest to turn into such a prosthesis. Then, electrodes were placed on his arm to detect electrical activity from the muscle. The signal is then forwarded to a small Arduino-like computer to analyze, so that the microcontroller can, in the end, trigger the Nerf gun.

After creating such a feat, Nicolas and the guys from Hackerloop went playing around in the streets of Paris for a test run and were then caught by... the police. Not to worry, it all turned out well in the end.

The Hackerloop collective aren't on their first try in bringing awesomeness, their YouTube channel features a bunch of cool stuff like pizza-delivering drones or a real life Mario Kart experiment. Don't hesitate to check their channel out!

via TechCrunch