Benjamin Von Wong is an artist who is working together with Dell to help raise awareness for e-waste recycling. Every day, 100,000+ computers are just thrown away in the United States alone. That is a huge number which only accounts for the United States, imagine how large the number would be if it took account of the entire world.

A report released last December by the United Nations University and the International Telecommunication Union shows e-waste as one of the fastest growing parts of the domestic waste stream in the world. According to the same report, most of that e-waste is just thrown away instead of being recycled, which in turn is a waste of billions of dollars in recyclable materials.

The e-waste used for the project was sourced from Dell, which runs the world's largest recycling program and recycles for free in over 80 countries. Dell salvages the usable components of the recycled waste, such as gold or plastic, to create new computers without having to get any more new material.

Von Wong was given 4,100 pounds of e-waste by Dell in order to work on his project, which is the average amount of electronic waste generated by an average American family in their lifetime.

The sculptures were put together in a warehouse in Dallas with the help of volunteers, and it took 10 days to put together and were returned to Dell the next day in order to be recycled properly.

To see more images and learn more about the project you can visit Benjamin Von Wong's website here.

via Motherboard