A few days ago, users discovered a system module called "RCTD" on LG Devices. The moudle's purpose is root detection on devices such as the LG V20 running LG's stock ROM, and has understandably left many users feeling uneasy. Furthermore, many users have reported stability issues stemming from this module, as it runs constantly in the background if you're using a rooted device. If you're one of the many users suffering at the hands of RCTD, fear no more!

A fix has surfaced on the XDA developer forums, thanks to developer Zacharee1. Installing this application allows you to disable the module easily. The application works by backing up the boot image on your device and then patching the image on your device by commenting out some sections of the code to stop the RCTD process from running. It then proceeds to flash the stock image back onto your device! This process prevents the RCTD process from spawning in the first place and detecting your root, so you can kiss goodbye to those pesky slowdowns and LG's watchful Big Brother eye.

Please do note that the application is in alpha, and the UI is far from completion. Don't expect a full fledged user interface to greet you, as the current offering is on the basic side. Furthermore, it may be slightly buggy and functionality may not work consistently, so (as is usually the case with root modifications) use it entirely at your own risk. We do, however, expect this tweak to improve and evolve with time, so it's likely that this app will not carry as many risks in the future. Get it here

What do you guys think? Do you own a rooted LG V20 or another device? Will you make use of a tweak like this? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA