Back in the old days of jailbreaking, we had tweaks such as the Infini+ suite, and emulators like GBA4iOS that was widely received as a great GBA emulator for iOS. A developer by the name xevidos on Reddit has taken it upon themselves to update these packages for newer iOS versions.

Available on their repo, called Telaaedifex Repo, you can find updated versions of Infinidock+, Infiniboard+, and Infinidock+.

If you're unaware of what the Infini+ tweaks do, essentially, it's pretty simple. They allow to scroll vertically on the dock (Infinidock+), on the springboard (Infiniboard+), and in folders (Infinifolders+), allowing you to store more in each of these than would normally be limited horizontally, like a list, pretty handy.

The repository also features updated popular iOS emulators such as GBA4iOS, one of the most popular GameBoy Advance emulators for iOS, however, with GBA4iOS, they went a step further and fixed previously broken features such as skin downloads. They also include iNDS, Provenance, and PPSSPP, all updated to support iOS 9 or higher.

The repo maintainer also did something interesting here, including "safe" versions that don't install to your device's /Applications directory, and instead install via Appsync, to prevent leftover file buildup on your device.

They also urge users that if there any issues, you can contact them via their website, if you notice anything unusual, or have any suggestions to add to the repo.

Again, all of the apps and tweaks on the repo should be updated to support iOS versions 9 or higher. If you have any issues with these tweaks or apps, you can use the contact form linked above.

If you'd like to add the repo, tap the button below.

All in all, this repo looks like a compelling option for tweak and emulator enthusiasts. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.