For anyone that has seen Star Wars, you know that not much of what the franchise incorporates into the movies has any actual realism. One of the most iconic things to come from Star Wars is lightsabers, but even those aren't really possible because photons do not interact with each other, which is needed for a lightsaber.

Research published recently in Science shows that it is possible for photons to in fact interact with each other. They were even able to get three photons to bind together. Although the new found technology isn't strong enough to defeat the dark side yet, it is a solid step towards creating photon-based quantum computers.

The two lead researchers for the project are MIT physicist Vladen Vuletic and Harvard physicist Mikhail Lukin, who together head up the joint MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms. They have spent the last few years trying to get photons to interact with each other, with their first major success in 2013, when they were able to get two photons to bind together.

Many molecules have a limit to the number of times they can bind, so they were curious if this was also the case for Photons, continuing their work. They were able to bind three photons just last week, so it seems to be going fairly well for their research.

Due to Vuletic and Luken's research being highly experimental, it will most likely be a while before any of their work is put to any practical use. They are looking to continue their research and see if they can get photons to interact in more ways, possibly repelling each other. Only time will show how their research goes.

via Motherboard