Back in January of 2017, a 4chan member, going under the name of Tsuki, started posting some obscure things on the online service. These things sooner than later became an obsessed cult that promised to take members to a cyberpunk paradise. The only catch to the paradise was that you had to take your own life to access it.

As noted by, Motherboard, due to the nature of the internet, it's hard to determine if this is just simple copypasta, one of 4chans absurd pranks or just a harmless game of make-believe. 4chan has been the birthplace of many obscure organisations in the past, including alt-right communities, Annonymous), LGBT-hate groups and much more.

Systemspace promises some 4,969 followers, or "migrants," that they'll be transported to a cyberpunk Elysium after death. The requirements were to register on the Tsuki Project website before July 1, 2017 and to ultimately, commit suicide.

The cult has been part of many different conspiracies on the internet, including on YouTube and Reddit. A YouTuber going by the name of Mirlo2hu has released a video going into detail on the matter, with many more similar videos and posts available on the internet.

According to Systemspace's scripture, an online document called "The Compendium", Systemspace believes that the universe is composed out of infinite "systems". The idea is very similar to that of alternative dimensions.

They believe that these systems are coded into existence similarly to how software on computers works. The system we supposedly live in is called "Life", and it has malfunctioned because of faulty code. The cyberpunk afterlife that Tsuki has claimed exists is called "LFE" and it's supposedly comprised out of higher quality code.

As noted by Motherboard, the LFE system deeply resembles Ninsei, a cyberspace universe characters from William Gibson's seminal 1984 novel Neuromancer. The Tsuki Project also seems to use the anime "Lain" as a symbol of their organisation. According to Tsuki Wiki (yes, it's a real thing), "you can do whatever you want" and "everyone is important". There is a lot more to the whole "lore" of the spaces, life, LFE and Systemspace, however, that's not the important part of this madness.

Addison Nugent, a journalist for Vice Media, joined the Systemspace Discord and researched by asking questions:

"When I asked Systemspace members in their Discord chat, "Tsuki Overground," what they pictured when they imagined LFE, one member, Varz, said the cyberpunk dimension is "like a futuristic Tokyo, think the world of Ghost in the Shell." Another, Migrant 4858, picture LFE as "massive sprawling cities" with "beautiful views.""

While this all sounds like a well-written roleplay, it's unfortunately not as members have been noted to actually believe in Systemspace and is most certainely not a joke or a game.

The Tsuki Project website has been taken down a while ago, however, an unofficial mirror is available once again at