Auxo was originally teased in December of 2012 by A3tweaks. After release, it immediately gained popularity due to a revolutionary feature of showing little card-like previews of your apps in iOS 6's multitasking bar. Apple even implemented their own version of preview cards in the redesigned iOS 7 App Switcher.

The A3tweaks team was mostly the designer Sentry, with a revolving host of developers bringing his designs to reality. Unfortunately for the community Sentry stopped designing for the jailbreak community as of iOS 10. This means no more Auxo updates. Fortunately, a new developer has endeavoured to bring similar functionality to iOS 10. DGhost, who has created tweaks like AlertClose and WhitelistSwitcher, has started SwitcherControls. It seeks to bring a customizable multi-centre to iOS 10, focusing on compatibility with other tweaks.

In preferences, users will able to customise the look and feel as well as the function to your liking. Users can also change the animation speed, set which page is displayed by default, change the blur style, and much more. DGhost has also included sliders for sections heights in both portrait and landscape modes, as well as for scaling in both display modes. Replacing the Control Center swipe up gesture is one of the more useful features.

From our tests with SwitcherControls, it doesn't seem to affect battery or performance much, if at all. DGhost has been very active in sending betas out almost every day, he is dedicated to creating a stable and reliable multicenter tweak for iOS 10.

SwitcherControls will be released soon on the BigBoss repo for $1.50.