The flashable addon for popular root management tool SuperSU is an essential tool for users who wish to root their devices, while still using Trusted services such as Android Pay. It was open-sourced earlier today via GitHub, under the Apache License 2.0 – meaning that any developer is free to modify it or implement it within their code, in a manner of their choosing. The announcement was made by Chainfire, the developer of SuperSU who announced his retirement from the SuperSU project 2 days ago; indicating a potential change in direction from CCMT, the company who now own and manage SuperSU and its development.

We've received a flood of information surrounding SuperSU and its future direction over the past few days. Between a SuperSU update that repaired some functionality on the Pixel and Pixel XL, to the news that Chainfire was leaving the project completely come February, it's definitely been a busy few weeks for any enthusiast interested in SuperSU. CCMT's move to open-source suhide, a component of a historically discreet, closed-source root management tool may indicate a desire to be more open and transparent with the Android root community (which has made no secret of its reservations and suspicions surrounding CCMT and their practices). This move is definitely a bold one and is potentially a sign of things to come.

What do you guys think? Do you think CCMT plan on open-sourcing all of SuperSU's addons, or perhaps even SuperSU itself? Does this help reassure you about CCMT and the direction they will take with SuperSU? Let us know how you feel about all this in the comments, or post over in our forums with your thoughts and opinions.