UX designer Aurélien Salomon created an impressive Apple OS concept that merges iOS and macOS to create an Apple OS that works on both. This concept draws heavily from Apple's current iOS design language, with whitespace and large fonts aplenty.

The design incorporates prominent power user wants like a dark mode while keeping translucency which is currently in vogue across desktop operating systems.

The concept also includes redesigned Finder and Apple Music apps for the desktop. The former being more dynamic and mobile-inspired than what Apple currently ships. The latter appears inspired by the current iOS Apple Music app with influences from Microsoft's fluent design powered Groove Music app showing through. Apple has long since been urged to break up iTunes into several lightweight apps, and this shows just what those might look like in practice.

While this is a well put-together design, Apple is unlikely to follow this or similar design directions. Indeed the firm has long since pushed for devices with clear purposes and discrete form-factors like the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks of various flavours.

While rumours have been floated of Apple integrating iOS and MacOS apps like in the concept above, more realistic takes have echoed that the firm may be doing something a little more mundane than that and working on "instead cross-platform frameworks for developers". In the end, though, concepts like this are fun to look at and write about, though they'll almost certainly remain in the world of possibility. You can check out the concept at Behance, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

via Behance