Magisk is a fantastic tool managing your rooted Android device. One of the primary benefits of using Magisk is the ability to hide the "rooted" status from the device itself, that way apps are unable to block the user because of the root status. This makes having a rooted device far easier and more convenient, both short and long term. This specifically allows you to circumvent the need to root your device multiple times if a particular app is blocking it's use. Up until recently, Magisk has been in beta releases — but we are now seeing the official release and some bug fixes in the 15.1 version.

The bootloop issues were resolved with the 15.1 update, as the developer mentions:

There were some faulty code in magiskboot, which in some cases will cause fstab to be corrupted, leading to bootloops. The issue is now identified, reproduced, fixed, and tested.

topjohnwu then goes on to say:

In addition, with reports and feedback from users, Magisk Manager is also updated with bug fixes and more robust sudb management.

If you were experiencing any issues with bootloops after upgrading to version 15, this 15.1 update should resolve it! As the developer mentioned above, the issue has been thoroughly investigated and resolved. If you're interested in reviewing the full update changelog for 15.0, you can visit this post.

Do you use the Magisk Manager tool on your Android device? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

via AndroidPolice

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