Google assistant will be available for owners of Sony Android TV's, once the company begins rolling out an update to its 4K HDR sets. Talking to the remote will activate the same digital assistant found on smartphones running Google's OS. Users can ask about weather forecasts, search for music and movies or get the latest sports scores, and now, 4K owners will be able to do all this from their couch and also control their smart home devices.

If you're wondering whether or not your TV will be compatible with Google Assistant, any 2017 Sony Android TV model, as well as some 2016's (XBR-Z9D, XBR-X800D, XBR-X750/X700D) will be able to utilize the AI which is summoned by pressing the mic button on your remote control. If you have smart home devices like a thermostat, smart locks, smart lights, smart speakers etc, they should all be subject to control via a command to Google Assistant.

Examples include:

  • "Where's my phone?"

  • "Show the backyard camera on my TV."

  • "Dim the living room lights."

  • "Turn the temperature down to 71."

  • "Play some party music on the living room speakers."

  • "Watch Game of Thrones on HBO."

Google has been working to expand Assistant to third-party devices rather than relying exclusively on Google Home and smartphones. We've seen it come to a Logitech security camera, the Nvidia Shield, Sony speakers, and a smart hub called Lynky. As companies fight to infiltrate consumers home and embed their AI into the smart home ecosystem, we will more than likely see more TV manufacturers implement Google Assistant into their sets.

Do you own a Sony 4K Android TV? What are your thoughts on Google Assistant coming to your living room? Drop a comment below and let us know how you plan to use it.

Via AP