Sony announced a new in-car head unit at CES that comes with Android Auto integration. The head unit has a beautiful name, it is called the XAV-AX5000, a name worthy of my first born. It has a great look coming in with a flush 6.95" touch display, and the best part is that it is bezel-less.

Now, Sony has gone so far as to describe the XAV-AX5000 as "astonishingly flat", which from the images of this thing really seems to be the case.

The touchscreen now uses capacitive technology instead of resistive technology which the previous models used. The XAV-AX5000 can be connected to a car's rear camera, it features aluminum buttons under the screen for basic operations, such as adjusting the volume. Sony states the unit boots up "soon after ignition is turned on", one would hope this holds true, otherwise, it would be a completely useless head unit.

The receiver has a 4-channel system, which results in great sounding audio coming from the system. The system also works together with some new features like in-ceiling DRA2 (Dynamic Reality Amp 2) and DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer), these working together are supposed to give you the feeling that the sound is coming directly from the dashboard. Sony also claims the system comes with EXTRA BASS in order to "overcome engine noise and reproduce clear punchy sound at any volume level."

The XAV-AX5000 not only has Android Auto compatibility, it also has two USB ports allowing you to connect a phone or any form of external media for music playback, this can include lossless FLAC audio files.

XAV-AX5000 will be available in North America in the spring. Price is still unknown as it has not been announced yet, but its predecessor the XAV-AX100 launched at $500.

via Android Police