Sony announced new TVs during this CES 2018, which doesn't sound that interesting per se, however, it does once you hear that it includes a very interesting feature: Google Assistant. Aside from being 4K, HDR10-capable and running Android TV, they also feature the famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Google Assistant on board. This is different from a lot of Android TV devices as Google Assistant isn't available platform-wide, just like it isn't with regular Android OS on handsets.

The first TV is specifically an A8F series TV, with a 65" or 55" display, depending on what you chose, powered by the BRAVIA OLED technology. The display also features something called "Acoustic Surface tech" which means that "the entire screen resonates with sound", whatever that means.

The more juicy parts include a Sony X1 Extreme processor which is in charge of outputting 4K HDR picture quality and Dolby Vision content to the stunning display of the device. All those features combined with the minimal-bezel design of the TV should raise more than one eyebrow around the technology enthusiast community.

Just to make sure geeks and nerds around the world drool, Sony also showed off its X900F Series TV. The main feature here is the massive behemoth 85" 4K display which is also capable of outputting Dolby Vision (HDR10) content. Other options include 75", 65", 55", and 49", however, do note that all of these are LED, not OLED which is unfortunate as that would surely make for a hell of a TV. Still, 85" is more than enough for essentially anyone and if you don't mind the lower contrast ratios, it shouldn't be an issue.

What do you think? Interested in a behemoth 85" Smart 4K HDR10-capable Android TV with Google Assistant on-board? Let us know in the comments!