One of the main alluring factors of Google's Pixel line of smartphones is that as the spiritual successors to the Nexus line, they ship with a clean version of Android and an unlockable bootloader. As a result, many enthusiasts looking for a premium phone tat still has potential for modification and tweaking often turn to the Google Pixel lineup. However, there's a chance that the odd Pixel 2 buyer who took the plunge for this purpose may be disappointed, as a bug present on some Pixel 2's is preventing their bootloaders from being unlocked.

The problem stems from the OEM Unlock setting in Developer Options. The toggle is greyed out and unavailable, making it impossible to enable bootloader unlocks. Affected devices show a prompt to connect to the internet even when the phone has an internet connection, or suggest that the user contacts a service provider, which could cause many issues for users. Google customer service representatives were unable to confirm whether the problem was a hardware or software issue.

Only a small fraction of users have reported the issue, so it doesn't seem to be a widespread issue. Curiously, though, most ordered from the Google Store and had their Pixel 2 delivery postponed by as many as three weeks. Some speculate that Google inadvertently shipped bootloader-locked Verizon models to these customers; however, we'll need more information to confirm this as being true.

There isn't a do-it-yourself fix outside of returning your phone back to Google and asking for a replacement. Users report that factory resets and flashing factory images using ADB sideload had no effect. on allowing for the bootloader to be unlocked. If you are experiencing the issue, head to the Google Bug Tracker to star it and add a comment.

What do you guys think? Will this deter you even further from this year's bug-ridden Pixels? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.