The tool, known as hackchi2, allows you to transfer other SNES ROMs to the device, but it does come with a bit of effort. Hopefully, the process will be improved soon.

Hackchi2 installs a custom firmware on the system, but in addition to this, ROMs have to be converted to a SNES Mini capable format called .SFROM. But fret not, scripts have been released to make the process as painless as possible.

If the SNES Mini gets compression support, it is rumoured to be able to fit about 100 ROMs, sounds like it can accommodate many a gaming night.

This process isn't without risk, however, as it is possible to brick the device. Thankfully, the process should be easy enough to unbrick if you run into issues. Do note that this is not an official release, as per the reddit thread, so proceed with caution, or wait for it to be updated with a simplified procedure.

If you've got a SNES Mini and would like to try this for yourself: you can learn how at the GitHub page here. It's quite a lengthy process, so we won't go into all of it here. We aren't responsible for any damage that occurs to your SNES Mini, so again, proceed with caution.

First, you have to install a custom kernel to actually transfer the ROMs to the device via FTP. Then, you have to install Python on your computer to run the hackchi scripts. After this, you have to edit a file and transfer it back to the device so it will accept new ROM files. After that, you run the sfc2sfrom script to convert your game, the rest of the procedure involves creating a file with the game data, and finally transferring the game back to the device with FTP. So as you can see, this process is not for the faint of heart.

Have you tried this on your SNES Mini? Do you even own one? Let us know in the comments section below.

via Wololo