We've all been there. Going through Snapchat and you see those annoying promoted "live" and "Discover" stories that you don't care about, but there's no way to hide them either. Now you can, with SnapchatNoClickbait for jailbroken iOS devices. Developed by @NSExceptional, this tweak should remove all content that you don't personally subscribe to on Snapchat.

It does this by removing the "Live" and "Discover" sections from the Stories page on Snapchat, in turn, leaving only the stuff you care about. Thus, leaving no more "clickbait" in the app, so it seems it lives up to its name. Also, once it's installed, that's all you have to do. There are no options to configure within the Settings.app.

We recommend being careful with Snapchat tweaks, as Snap has been known to disable accounts due to tweaks. That shouldn't happen, so this is just a warning. We take no responsibility for your disabled Snapchat account, so take this as a word of caution. Snapchat also frequently updates the app, so if the tweak stops working, you should wait for the developer to issue an update to make it compatible with the latest version. As of now, it should work fine with the latest version of the app.

SnapchatNoClickbait is available for free on BigBoss, so just search it in Cydia, and it should pop right up for you. Again, you can contact the developer at @NSExceptional on Twitter if you have any questions, as well as his Reddit profile,

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