The new Skype experience has already rolled out to mobile users, is in a preview for macOS and Windows users and now it finally reached Linux users. This didn't take too long either considering the user base of Skype on GNU/Linux. The macOS and Windows versions of the new design were released just a week or two ago, so the GNU/Linux variant is not really lagging behind.

The update includes things like dark theme, revamped notification system, streamlined interface, performance improvements and more. There is a lot to be excited about, however, this update is the exact one that was heavily criticised earlier for being "ugly", however, this all goes down to preference as some people think this design is the best thing since sliced bread.

If you really hate it, this version of Skype also brings customisation options which means that you can change the colours of the app in order to make it look at least a little better.

The Skype app is still in preview with no working stable version, which means that running a bug-free Skype on GNU/Linux is virtually impossible at the moment, however, reports say that the preview is rather stable and shouldn't cause too many issues. It's a web wrapper after all, which means that most of the code can be super easily updated server-side in case something critical breaks.

What do you think? Do you use Skype or Linux? Maybe both? Did you receive an update? LEt us know in the comments below!

via MSPowerUser