Some apps, like Snapchat, use screenshot detection to let the person know you saved their snap, with other apps beginning to do it for various other reasons. In the case of Instagram, it gives you a toolbar pop up that lets you share the image you screenshotted with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, with no option to save it to your Camera Roll on your device.

Thing is, some people might not like that popping up every time they save a screenshot. If you're on jailbroken iOS, however, you can disable it with ShyInstaShot.

Developed by "CydiaGeek," this tweak makes it so that you no longer get the pop-up banner when taking a screenshot, arguably making it cleaner and removing something some people might not like.

Some might say that the bar isn't that annoying, but nonetheless, it's always better to have options, than not have them, so if this bothers you, you can simply install this tweak to remove it.

The good news is this tweak works on all iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices, and there are no settings to configure, simply install it and you should be good to go.

However, this package isn't available in the default Cydia repositories, so you have to add the source yourself. Simply tap the Sources tab, tap Edit, then Add, and put the following URL in the source field:, once added, you should just be able to install the tweak. If it doesn't work at first, you might have to force close Instagram in the app switcher, and re-open it.

What do you think of ShyInstaShot? Let us know in the comments section.