Jailbroken iOS 11 users rejoice as there is a tweak allowing you to see what notifications you're getting without your phone turning on to reveal the lock screen that will be releasing soon.

The tweak is developed by Dynastic Development and is made to work perfectly with the iPhone X's OLED screen, but will work with any jailbreak iOS 11 device. Of course on all other phones, you won't get the battery benefits that the iPhone X would.

Although the tweak has not been released yet the developer has stated that it'll be available to purchase soon.

The developer states on his website:

ShortLook shows only when you receive a notification while your device's display is turned off, allowing you to quickly view incoming notifications from a distance.

The tweak has a couple of customization features for how you want the background to look. The default setting is a black, which allows for the battery saving on the iPhone X, but if you don't like this look, you can change it to have a dark blurred background instead. The developer states this setting is best suited for older devices.

There are also customization options on what happens after the notification has been displayed. The animations for how the app icon appears and disappears can also be changed.

You can find more information about the tweak on the website. There is also a Reddit page where you can communicate with the developer.

via @DynasticDevelop