Your most crazy erotic secrets may be exposed to public leaking, according to Giovanni Mellini, who successfully penetrated the security of a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug. It's so easy to hack that it's almost like the creators didn't use any protection.

The device Mellini hacked specifically is Hush by Lovense, "the world's first teledildonic butt plug" according to the company. You can "control it from anywhere" which just makes the security penetration even harder for its users as anyone can now insert themselves inside your private life without you ever feeling it.

As pointed out by Mellini in his blog post, the device is using Bluetooth in order to transfer data from your phone to your rectum, however, the butt plug also makes use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is even more vulnerable to security penetrations from the outside.

"BLE is a cheap and very insecure version of Bluetooth, in which you have no channel hopping and no built-in protocol security."

This means that the devices using this protocol are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. This security hole actually affects all IoT devices, however, the fact that someone can see your butthole may be a little harder to swallow.

The reason to use BLE has been detailed on Simone Margalitelli's blog:

"If you wanna build and sell some IoT-smart-whatever crap, and you wanna do it quickly because your competitor is about to go on the market with the same shit, you take Bluetooth, you strip it from the very few close-to-decent things it has and voilá,"

In short, be aware of the dangers putting random things up your rectum can bring. Always take a closer look before getting onto something new.

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